of beach litter worldwide is plastic
of plastic waste is not recycled

Raising awareness. Encouraging action.

Eight million tons. That’s how much plastic enters our oceans every year. It’s a shocking fact – and it’s not the only one:

  • One million plastic bottles are purchased worldwide every minute
  • Two million plastic bags are distributed worldwide every minute
  • 500 million plastic straws are used every day in America alone

Plastic is virtually indestructible. It doesn’t biodegrade; it just breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces. Almost every day, there are new headlines about marine creatures paying the ultimate price because of plastic waste in the sea. And while countries are making progress in the battle to eliminate single-use plastic, I believe that we, as individuals, have the greatest power to inspire change.

Because we can make choices right now. We can choose reusable water bottles instead of plastic ones. We can choose eco-friendly shopping bags instead of plastic ones. We can choose paper or metal straws instead of plastic ones.

A single stone can create ripples in a pond. Collectively, our single actions can create waves of change. In our neighbourhoods. In our communities. In our cities. And eventually, around the world. But it starts with us. You and me.

My mission is twofold… Firstly, I want to increase public awareness of the plastic pollution problem. That means talking about it. A lot. On my website, on my Facebook page, on my Instagram account, on my Twitter profile. In publications like this, and this, and this, and this, too. At events, at schools, and in my community.

Secondly, I want to encourage people to take practical action to help address the problem. That means pushing for earth-friendly alternatives to plastic bottles, plastic bags and plastic straws. It also means organising beach cleanups and supporting the environmental initiatives of my partner organisations.

I hope you’ll be part of this journey!