Oceans In Motion
Recycle Swop Shop

We need ocean guardians

I’m honoured to have the Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation and White Shark Projects as my partner organisations.

Proceeds from my fundraising campaign will go towards the Aquarium’s Oceans In Motion outreach programme and White Shark Projects’ Recycle Swop Shop.

Both of these initiatives are designed to educate young people about the beauty and fragility of our oceans – and to empower them to take a leading role in the conservation of the big blue.

The Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation is committed to nurturing the next generation of marine scientists, educators and conservation champions.

Based in Cape Town, the Foundation strives to ensure the well-being of our oceans by empowering communities to become agents of change through its education, conservation and awareness efforts in South Africa’s Mother City and beyond.

Oceans In Motion

The Oceans In Motion outreach programme is designed to give children an unforgettable experience with live marine animals. Aquarium staff travel to under-resourced schools in the Western Cape in a fully equipped mobile aquarium facility to deliver hands-on, interactive lessons about the sea, its creatures, and its most pressing modern challenges.

Oceans In Motion endeavours to reach 200 children every school day, and is able to cater for all curriculums from Grade R to Grade 12. Instructor Thabo Sabeko presents entertaining, educational lessons that intrigue and inspire the children, who walk away with a deeper understanding of our marine ecosystems – and what it takes to protect them.

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White Shark Projects was founded as a research centre in 1989 and has since expanded its portfolio to include commercial diving and viewing excursions.

Based in Gansbaai, the business works with conservation groups, students, eco-tourists, subsistence fishermen and dive operators to gather data on Great White Sharks, and to change public perceptions of these apex predators.

The Recycle Swop Shop

White Shark Projects’ Recycle Swop Shop is one of its most successful undertakings. The store gives children from nearby Masekhane the chance to swop their recyclables for household goods. The children collect plastic, tins and bottles to earn points, and then exchange those points for basic foodstuffs, toiletries and school supplies.

The Recycle Swop Shop has been running for a decade, and is a valued support system within the community. By teaching tomorrow’s leaders to care for the environment, encouraging marine conservation, and demonstrating the value of recycling, White Shark Projects is empowering the ocean defenders of the future.

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